High School Earth Science Education Group
ISBN 971-570-073-X
Published by NISMED
March 2000

No of Pages: 207


The Volume 2 differs quite significantly in its approach. While both sourcebooks still emphasize the practical work philosophy, i.e. hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on, this volume deviates from the discipline-compartmentalized activities in the first sourcebook. Here, the activities are not arranged in the traditional subdivisions of the Earth Sciences as Meteorology, Geology, Astronomy but in skills that cut across these disciplines. This is intended to provide room for integration in Earth Science teaching.

While the first volume gives the reasons for using the practical work approach, this sourcebook underscores the extent of the definition of “practical work”. Development and enhancement of high order thinking skills (HOTS) are likewise emphasized as well as the teaching strategies that utilize and promote them.