High School Chemistry Education Group
ISBN 971-570-054-3
Published by NISMED
November 1999

No of Pages: 209


This sourcebook contains practical activities used during the 1996 National Training program (NTP) on Practical Work in High School Chemistry. The activities are intended for teacher training where the tempo is fast and the participants possess sufficient content background. They were suited to the 1996 NTP participants who were selected as leader trainers in their respective regions based on their qualifications, leadership qualities, teaching experience and willingness to serve as regional trainers. Some activities may be adopted entirely in the classroom because they focus only on a few simple concepts and require very simple materials. But many activities develop more than one concept. They need teachers with sufficient content background to understand and correlate all these concepts. To use these activities in the classroom, they may need to be modified to adjust to the cognitive level of the students. This may prove to be formidable task to ordinary high school teachers.