High School Earth Science Education Group
ISBN 971-570-043-8
Published by NISMED
October 1998

No of Pages: 193


Concepts on the Earth Sciences are sometimes difficult to understand by mere lecture and paper and pencil activities. Students can better understand and appreciate the concepts if practical work about these concepts are done. This gives students the opportunity to explore and collect scientific evidences to answer many inquiries. In doing experiments, they develop higher order thinking skills, and express themselves creatively. This is the rationale for the conduct of the Science and Mathematics Education Manpower Development Project National Training and thus, for writing this sourcebook.

The coverage and activities are in line with the contents of Science and Technology I. Many activities were developed in coordination with the JICA experts assigned to the group. Others are modifications of existing activities which were found to be difficult to follow or do because of the equipment requirement. Some are original creative outputs of the members of the Earth / Environmental Science team. Each section contains background information, activity sheets with guide questions, teaching hints and assessment exercises.