NISMED is headed by a Director, assisted by a Deputy Director for Administration and a Deputy Director for Research and Extension.

Support services are provided by administrative staff except for the librarian who holds an academic position.

The academic groups are led by chairs and the sections by heads. Chairs and heads constitute the Executive Committee, NISMED’s highest policy-making and decision-making body together with the director and two deputy directors.

There are also working committees with specific functions that assist the director

in making decisions and crafting policy. The chairs and members of these committees are elected annually. These committees are

  • Academic Personnel Committee
  • Non-Academic Personnel Committee
  • Fellowships, Grants, Awards, and Benefits Committee

A Publication Committee is in charge of putting out the NISMED Newsletter on a quarterly basis . The Director selects the editor and members are nominated by their respective academic groups. Ad hoc committees are constituted as needed to perform specific tasks within a limited time frame.