The High School Mathematics (HSM) group has been developing curriculum materials in Grade 11 Mathematics, particularly on rational functions. There are 6 teaching guides and 6 learning materials (covering lessons 1 to 6) in this curriculum package which will serve as prototype resource for teaching the different families of function in the Grades 8-11 mathematics curriculum.

The first try-out of the materials was done by the staff of the HSM Group by teaching in a class of Grade 10 in 2015 in Rizal High School. The second was in May 2016, in the National Capital Region mass training of Senior High School teachers on the academic track, where the teachers used the materials in their demonstration teaching as part of the workshop output. The materials were then revised after these try-outs.

The revised materials were pilot-tested by six Grade 11 teachers of Rizal High School in August 2016. This involved 12 Grade 11 sections of different tracks and strands (STEM, ABM, HUMSS, ICT, HE, IA, and Sports). However, due to intervening events in school (such as the teachers’ preparation for their departmental midterm examination and weather disturbances) that resulted in suspension of classes, only half of the materials were implemented. Further revisions on the materials are being done by the HSM Group based on whatever information was gathered during their class observations and interviews of teachers and students.

Along with the said pilot-testing of the materials, the HSM Group also pilot-tested research instruments related to investigating the teachers’ use of prepared teaching materials and what they can learn from them. These instruments are also currently being revised.