Elementary School Science Group
ISBN 971-570-074-8
Published by NISMED
February 2000

No of Pages: 464


This sourcebook has been developed as part of the continuing effort of UP ISMED to upgrade the teaching of science and mathematics in the elementary and secondary schools. The sourcebook is intended for preservice and inservice training at the elementary level. At the same time, it provides a rich source of ideas and activities for elementary classroom teaching.

As in Volume I, the content of Volume II is drawn from the National Training Programs (NTPs) under the Science and Mathematics Education Manpower Development Project sponsored by JICA. This project focused on the use of practical work, or, the hands-on, minds-on and hearts-on approach in the teaching of science. For Volume II, the basis was NTP II which was conducted in April to May 1997. The activities and experiments have undergone extensive revisions since their use in NTP II.