Research and Development Team
ISBN 971-570-065-9
Published by NISMED
July 2000

with Filipino Translation
₱ 210.00
No. of Pages: 104

English Version Only
₱ 150.00
No. of Pages: 104


A research commissioned by the UP NISMED and conducted by Dr. F. Landa Jocano in 1978-1980 lists the beliefs and practices in most regions of the country. Some of these beliefs and practices, especially in agriculture, fishing, food and nutrition, and medicine are science-related. The Philippine Folk Science provides scientific explanations for these belief and practices. A few beliefs/practices included in the sourcebook are not found in Jocano’s list. These were generated from the interviews conducted by the Research and Development Team. This sourcebook, written in English with parallel Filipino translation, aims to relate science to daily life so that readers can learn concepts in a more relevant context.