The bulk of the collection is on science, mathematics, education, information technology and fine arts but supportive disciplines like agriculture forestry, fishery, engineering are also included. Both print and non-print materials comprise the collection consisting of books, serials, seminar papers/theses/ dissertations, maps, posters, technical reports, videotapes, transparencies, slides, microfiches and microfilms. As part of UP Diliman Network, users can access the Web OPAC, electronic journals and online databases via


Access to the collection is paramount in the library, thus the following services are provided:

Readers’ Assistance Assists readers in the use of electronic catalogs, databases and the internet; assists in the choice of library materials on the subject of inquiry; and directs users to the appropriate source of information
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Provides access to the book database through an online catalog via terminals
Bibliographic service Instructs and assists users on the proper way of documenting information
Current awareness Displays journals and magazines, posts photocopied table of contents of journals or posts newspaper clippings
Loan Charging and discharging materials for NISMED staff only
Referral Referrals to other libraries or information centers for materials not found in NISMED Library
Library orientation and Tour A short lecture on the holdings and services of the library patrons and visitors
Media services Viewing of audio visual materials like CD-ROMs, videotapes, slides and transparencies
Selective dissemination of information Furnishes information of current and special interest to the staff
Photocopying Journal articles or chapters of books are photocopied upon request

Rules and Privileges

  • Only NISMED staff can borrow library materials. All library materials are for room use only to users outside of NISMED.
  • Alumni, former faculty and staff may use the library upon presentation of a valid ID and proof of former UP status. They will be issued a special library card which will entitle them to free use for five days  per semester or summer after which they pay a research fee of PhP 20.00 a day or PhP 450.00 a year.
  • For government researchers, they can use the library upon presentation of a valid ID and referral from their office’s Head Librarian. They will be issued a special library card that will entitle them to  free use of the library for five days per semester or summer, after which they will pay a research fee of PhP 20.00/day; PhP a semester; or PhP 300.00 per summer.
  • Private researchers and high school students may use the library upon  presentation of a valid ID and referral from their Offices’/ Schools’ Head Librarian. They will be issued a special library card upon payment of a staggered research fee.
  • For group researchers of more than ten (10), ask for an appointment at least three (3) days before coming to the library.
  • Any academic staff can borrow a maximum of ten (10) books for circulation and three (3) journals for one week.
  • No staff can sign out books for anyone.
  • All borrowed materials should be returned before or on the due date. A week after, a letter of recall is sent to any staff member who fails to return borrowed material. If after three recalls, and material is not returned, it is declared lost.
  • Handle books and other materials with care. Marking, highlighting or tearing out pages is punishable by suspension of library privileges.
  • A borrowed book or journal damaged beyond reasonable wear must either be replaced or paid.
  • Use/plugging of electronic gadgets like cell phones and computer laptops is strictly prohibited.