2000 PHP 40.00

size: 63.5 CM X 96.52 cm
ISBN 971-135-106-4
The Periodic Table of elements is a tool that brings some order to a vast amount of chemical information. An elements location in the table is an excellent guide to its properties and the kinds of compound it forms. To date, the Periodic Table already includes 112 elements. At the back of this Periodic Table are useful. SI units and conversion factors and the strength of commercially available concentrated acids and bases, which chemistry teachers and students will find useful.
Now available in school bag size for students and in poster size for laboratory or classroom display. The table carries 112 elements including Unq, Unp, Unh and the iupac atomic weight data. The boiling point, melting point and electro-negativity value of each element are given.
LABORATORY SAFETY (English and Filipino Versions)
1993 PHP 50.00
Accidents in the laboratory may be caused by ignorance or carelessness. The teacher as well as the students must always be aware of the dangers of accidents so that the safety of everybody in the laboratory may be ensured. Safety measures, suggestions and reminders regarding all aspects of laboratory activities are illustrated.
Chemistry Education Group

1999 PHP 40.00
These 6 posters focuses on the naturally occurring nutrient cycles in the environment. The chemistry concepts are presented and explained. These cycles involve the different elements: oxygen, carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus and water. They involve the cycling of these elements in different chemical forms from the atmosphere to living organisms and back into the atmosphere.


Elementary School Science Group
Php 100.00
The model simulates the mechanics of breathing. Through its manipulation, the learner will be able to relate space in the chest cavity and lungs to the inflow or outflow of the air we breathe.
High School Biology Group
PhP 100.00
This improvised lung model is constructed from a plastic jar, cotton, empty ballpen tube and cap, white sando bag, rubber bands, ice candy plastic, glue  and masking tape.  This lung model may be used to demonstrate the harmful effects of smoking.
Elementary School Science Group
PhP 900.00
  • Accurately shows the two circuits in the circulatory system
  • Shows 4 chambers of the heart
  • Change in color of solutions simulates oxygenation/deoxygenation of blood
  • “Pumping” of the heart is done by the pupils
Elementary School Science Group
PhP 50.00
A two-dimensional model available with stand emphazing the parts of the head and neck.
  • Demonstrates relationship between heartbeat and pulse
  • Simulates the pulse on an artery
  • Manipulated by pupils

Video Lessons

Video package on Basura
A 12-minute video on CD titled Basura: Banta sa Kalusugan was launched on 20 November 2012 during NISMED’s 48th anniversary. Designed to encourage proper disposal of wastes to safeguard health, it may also be used in lessons on the sense organs, materials, life cycles of insects, properties of matter, as well as physical and chemical change. The package includes a teaching guide suggesting questions to be asked while viewing, post-viewing activities, and strategies to be used for teaching the incorporated topics.
Ocean Treasures  (18 Minute DVD with viewing guide)
PHP 200.00
The video program identifies the living resources of our oceans. It also shows how these resources can be used wisely by protecting the balance in our ocean’s shallow ecosystems: sandy and rocky seashores mangrove areas, grassy areas, and coral reefs. This videolesson is accompanied by a viewing guide that indicates pauses during which the teachers should emphasize concepts, ask questions, and give a short activity or formative assessment.
Skywatching with the Naked Eye  (15 Minute and 6 seconds DVD with viewing guide)
PHP 200.00
The video program focuses on teaching basic astronomy in the classroom. It also serves as a guide to a short voyage within the solar system and beyond. Some tips on how to prepare for stargazing activities are included at the end of the video.  This videolesson is accompanied by a viewing guide that indicates pauses during which the teachers should emphasize concepts, ask questions, and give a short activity or formative assessment.
Copies of these videolessons at PHP 200.00 per copy are now available upon request. Visit our publications office or call (632) 928-1563 ext. 120 to place your order.


HYDRILLA (sold per bunch of 8 sprigs and 4 plants with roots)
PHP 15.00

QUIAPO (sold in three sizes)
Small size  PHP 5.00
Medium size  PHP 10.00
Large size  PHP 15.00

GUPPIES (sold in pairs, Male/Female)
PHP 15.00

AZOLLA (sold per 10 whole plants)
PHP 10.00

SALVINIA (sold as a whole plant)
PHP 5.00

VALLISNERIA (sold per 5 whole plants)
PHP 10.00