The Secret of Fantastic Bubbles
Marina E. Balce
ISBN 971-570-094-2
Published by NISMED
November 2014

No of Pages: 24


Who hasn’t played with soap bubbles? Everyone must have enjoyed playing with them. Through the story “The Secret of Fantastic Bubbles,” two messages are shown.

First, we should know how to think and do things which are within our abilities and which are suited to our environment. Blind copying is not good because it can strain relationships and cause undue frustrations. Second, we should have the habit of giving priority to doing important things. And we should do those important things first in our list of things to do. But what really are considered important thing? In this story, an example of a very important thing to do is given especially among community leaders: Keep the environment clean and green.

This story may be used as motivation, supplementary materials, or part of a topic in K to 12 Grade 3 and 4.